Pirates of the Caribbean

Yacht Regatta for IT Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean

December 7 – 18, 2024 From € 1250 / person


About the tour


Martinique - Saint Lucia - Saint Vincent - The Grenadines


Lagoon 450


13 people


IT Entrepreneurs


Pirates and rum

We go on a yacht cruise throughout the Caribbean islands. This is a networking tour for IT entrepreneurs from the United States, Canada, Ukraine and other countries. Our goal is not only to relax but also to meet smart and interesting people.

For ten days we sail on luxurious and modern yachts to different countries, walk around the islands, explore local history and nature. We start with Martinique, where big catamarans Salina 48 Evolution are waiting for us. These catamarans are a very convenient way to go to open waters and sail from island to island. But can we be called pirates without delicious island rum?! No. So cocktails with rum and fruits will be waiting for us on the yacht.

In Martinique, we try sophisticated French cuisine, visit Mount Pelée volcano and explore wild lagoons and beaches.

Next we sail to Saint Lucia, one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands in the region. There we will see and explore beautiful mountains, jungles, mineral springs, underwater volcanoes, white sand beaches and much more.

The latest in the program will be the Island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

We will explore more than 30 islands, including uninhabited islands on Tobago reefs, which can only be reached by boat.

It will be one of the most memorable travels in your life. Let's go with us! ;)


Photos and videos of the islands

Package of services

What are included:

  1. Great company and networking with entrepreneurs and IT specialists
  2. Theme parties with great music
  3. Rum and fruits
  4. A week of sailing around the tropical islands in the heart of paradise on earth
  5. Experienced licensed captain, who has already passed 30+ thousand kilometers
  6. Organizer
  7. Photo and video shooting
  8. Yacht cleaning
  9. Large catamaran 48+ feet (for VIP seats)
  10. Animator (for a family yacht)
  11. Chef / Hostess (for VIP seats)

Additional services:

  1. Booking round-trip flights to Martinique - $ 200-600
  2. Visas (not everyone needs) - $ 100
  3. Active rest insurance - € 40 / person
  4. Provisions - $ 150-200 / person
  5. Refundable security deposit (as long as you return the yacht in the same condition as on delivery) - € 500 / person
  6. Transfer Airport / Base / Airport - $ 35 / person
  7. Kayak - $ 35 / day
  8. Fishing rod - $ 35 / day
  9. Windsurf for beginners - $ 35 / day
  10. Windsurf for experts - $ 60 / day
  11. Onboard expenses (parking, diesel) - $ 50-100 / person
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Our yachts and catamarans


Trip plan

  • Martinique, December 7-8 and 18

    Our adventure begins there. This is a small French island with a special charm. Exquisite culture and delicious food will set the tone for our journey. You can buy French cheeses, wine, fruits and much more in local stores.

    Magnificent beaches and palm trees, Mount Pelée volcano and beautiful lagoons...We'll pay special attention to a botanical garden called Jardin de Balata and Rum Museum.

    For those who will come before the tour starts, we recommend to stay in the town of Sainte-Anne, which is not far from the marina. There you can enjoy exotic fruit, delicious refreshing cocktails and, of course, coffee. And seafood...yummy...you will lick your fingers. Just imagine a huge plate of lobsters, shrimps and mussels in a delicate wine sauce.

  • Saint Lucia, December 8-9 and 15-16-17

    Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful island states of the Caribbean. The one who wasn't there, didn't see the Caribbean. There are beautiful mountains with the world famous Pitons, jungle, mineral springs, active terrestrial volcano, underwater volcanoes, geysers, mud baths, waterfalls, white sand beaches and much more.

    We will be driving around the island the whole day, walking on the volcano crater, seeing geysers, swimming in the healing baths and exploring the nature beauty.

    Saint Lucia has a wonderful architecture, delicious food and restaurants for every taste. But the main advantage of the island is its nature.

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, December 9-17

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines consists of more than 30 islands. All 30 are unbelievably beautiful, with mountains and volcanoes. La Soufrière volcano is the largest one. Black sand beaches and coves will also impress you.

    We will explore Bequia island, an absolutely magical place with secluded beaches. It feels like life stopped here 100 years ago, only a few cars will remind you of the 21st century. There are dozens of restaurants on the waterfront, but each of them is unique. Small colored houses, almost like in Amsterdam, but more beautiful and authentic. There are dozens of yachts near the island. Local people mostly live off tourists on yachts, as it’s almost impossible to get there if not on a yacht.

    Every evening there is live music with dancing, lobsters for $25-30 and a river of rum. Locals call it the "island of clouds". The entire waterfront is full of lights, a bunch of colored light bulbs are surrounded by colored houses. The right side of the embankment is built up with private residences with private moorings for yachts. There are only a few of them. These mansions have small wooden fences, well-groomed lawns and huge trees. Just like in old romantic novels of the 19th century. Many foreigners live on this island, so inspiring it is.

    Afterwards, we'll sail to the Tobago Cays, a reserve which consists of many uninhabited islands. White wild beaches with huge palm trees look exactly as in a picture from an ad. A huge variety of wild islands and white beaches, milky blue sea and the clear water. There you can see huge turtles, stingrays, a variety of beautiful fish, interesting birds, lizards, huge crabs and other animals.

    At night you can lie on the yacht and look at the stars. For many kilometers you'll hardly find a human, but at night you can see thousands of stars! You've never seen such sky in your life!

    You'll dive and explore the wildlife. If you're lucky, you'll see unique parrots that can only be found on these islands. A botanical garden in the capital of the state gathered hundreds of species of unique plants.

    Everything described here is a dream that has come true for one wonderful group of people. We have already experienced it in 2019. Join us on the next trip!



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