In Search of Paradise: Exploring Paradise Islands

Yacht Regatta for IT Entrepreneurs in Thailand

January 20 – 27, 2024 From € 1100 / person


About the tour


Phuket - Phi Phi Leh - Ko Rok Noi - Ko Ra Wi - Koh Rawi - Phi Phi Don - Khao Phing Kan


Leopard 40 and Oceanis 45


30 people


IT Entrepreneurs



This time we organize our traditional entrepreneurial yacht tour in Asia, namely, in Thailand. Our route will go through the most beautiful islands in Asia. You will visit the island of Phi Phi Leh, which was shown in the film Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the islands of Phi Phi Don, Thai Ibiza and Khao Phing Kan, the island from the James Bond movie. And much more! There are many wild islands and nature reserves in this region, which we are going to explore. Traditionally, we are traveling as a company of IT entrepreneurs and top managers. There will be also an educational part and reports. IT entrepreneurs from different countries join us, so be sure, it will be an interesting experience!

We begin the trip from the famous island of Phi Phi Leh and the equally famous beach. High-speed boats are not allowed there, but we are on yachts, so we can get close to this beach and board it by boat or swim ;) We will stay on Phi Phi Don island, where we will explore local restaurants, bars and clubs, which work until dawn! And in the end, we will land on the famous James Bond Island. It's difficult to find as many attractions as here. And's unbelievable! This is a must! The most beautiful landscapes of Thailand will be ours;)

On this tour, we will also sail along the Andaman Sea, but it will be short and comfortable.

We rent yachts and catamarans, 8-10 guests each. For budget vacation, we offer yachts which are slightly less convenient than catamarans, but they are cheaper. For VIP guests, there will be a large Leopard 40 catamaran. There will be a separate catamaran for families with children with small children's cabins, which will be very convenient for parents. We also offer additional services for those who do not want to worry about anything: transfer, provisions delivery, kayak / fishing rod rental, etc.

Below you can see the detailed itinerary and real photos of those heavenly places.


Photos of the islands

Package of services

What are included:

  1. Networking with IT entrepreneurs and C-Level specialists from the USA, Canada and Europe
  2. Theme parties with great music
  3. Experienced licensed captain who has already passed 20+ thousand nautical miles
  4. Additional motorboat
  5. Linens
  6. Our organizer
  7. Photo and video shooting
  8. Yacht cleaning
  9. Large catamaran (for VIP seats)

Additional services:

  1. International flight to Phuket and back (from San Francisco) - € 500
  2. Villa in Phuket (three-story villa, access to the beach, exclusive design, pool, barbecue, 6 bedrooms) - € 75 / day
  3. Onboard expenses (products, parking, diesel) - € 150-200 / person
  4. Provisions delivery - € 40 / person
  5. Active rest insurance - € 40 / person
  6. Refundable security deposit (as long as you return the yacht in the same condition as on delivery) - € 500 / person
  7. Transfer to the marina - € 30 / person
  8. Fishing rod - € 20 / day
  9. BBQ on yacht - € 35 / day
  10. Kayak - € 20 / day
  11. SUP-board - € 15 / day
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Educational and networking part

  • 1 st Day
    Introduction and presentation of participants' companies
  • 2 nd Day
    Cashflow game
  • 3 rd Day
    Report 'A year of living in the western countries', Nikita Semenov
  • 4 th Day
    Texas hold 'em
  • 5 th Day
    Round table discussion 'What works best in remote sales?'
  • 6 th Day
    Free day
  • 7 th Day
    Case studies from the participants: 'How did I get my biggest client?'

Our yachts and catamarans


Trip plan

  • Phuket (additional location), January 11-14

    We meet before our sailing tour to spend a few days in a luxury private villa by the sea. The entire three-story villa, a 12-meter pool, BBQ and a huge amount of entertainment will be at our disposal! This is the perfect place to start our adventure. On Saturday, we embark on a yacht.

    Phuket is the top tourist destination in Thailand with a very developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment, like FantaSea show, the botanical garden, the zoo, traditional Thai temples, waterfalls, viewing platforms, Bangla Road street, Ping pong show and, of course, noisy bars and nightclubs!

  • Phuket Marina, January 14

    We will not have time to reach the nearest point in half a day. So on the first day, we will deal with check-in on yachts and catamarans, purchase provisions, meet and greet the participants, etc.

  • Phi Phi Leh, January 15

    We will reach the famous island from the movie Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio! There are many islands and they are all very beautiful. Now the islands are closed for high-speed boats, but on a yacht or a motor boat we can get to the beach. There we will stay overnight and watch the night starry sky.

  • Ko Rok Noi, January 16

    These are two beautiful islands that are part of the Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park Nature Reserve. They are uninhabited and snorkeling is very popular here because of the very beautiful underwater world, one of the best in Thailand! You will be excited by a very beautiful wildlife and snow-white sandy beaches.

  • Koh Rawi, January 17

    This island is considered the most beautiful of our entire itinerary. Yes, not even the «DiCaprio» island, but this one. It has a perfect wildlife, wonderful white beaches, ideal turquoise water ... this is a real paradise!

    It is a part of Tarutao National Park. There are very few tourists, mainly those who sailed on yachts, of which there are only a few dozens in this region. An ideal place to stay in silence and put your thoughts in order for the next year!

  • Koh Kadan, January 18

    It is a small island with several hotels and restaurants, with a bit more civilization. You can hike the mountains and enjoy the views from the observation deck.

  • Phi Phi Don, January 19

    Another island with civilization and nightclubs, because this is Thai Ibiza! Who wants to dance until the morning? We will dance right on the beach, enjoy the fire shows and other attractions ;)

  • Khao Phing Kan, January 20

    Finally, we reach the famous James Bond Island! It was here that one of the James Bond series was filmed. The island is famous for its beautiful landscapes. But only VIP passengers will be able to reach it, since only catamaran can pass through little depth. For a regular yacht, it will be too shallow.

  • Phuket Marina, January 21

    The end of our sailing tour. Everyone can continue, but on land.



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