Cosa Nostra in Italy: yacht, cheese and wine

Sailing adventure for IT entrepreneurs in Italy

July 30 – August 6, 2022 The trip does not sale


About the tour


Palermo - Tonnarella - Vulcano - Salina - Lipari - Stromboli - Milazzo


Lagoon 380 and Lagoon 450


30 people


IT Entrepreneurs


Mafia, cheese and wine

We are going to Italy for yachting! One of the most interesting tours in Italy and perhaps in Europe starts from Sicily. This island is known not only for its mafia but also for the best yacht tours. This journey is exclusively for IT entrepreneurs and top managers of successful companies from all around the world. The representatives of 3 countries joined our previous yachting tour. This time we are aiming at gathering people from 5 to 7 countries.

A few days before the cruise, we plan to explore the city of Palermo and other sights of Sicily, where we will get to know each other, try Italian wine and cheese. This part is optional. True Italy connoisseurs can purchase it separately.

From Sicily we sail to the nearest Aeolian islands, each of which has unique nature and history. Two active volcanoes, geysers, mud baths, ancient monuments and small coastal Italian cities are waiting for us! By the way, one of the volcanoes is known as one of the safest erupting volcanoes, which at the same time effectively shoots up lava fountains. We will look at it from a safe distance with an instructor.

This trip involves very short crossings between islands and low mountain ascents, so it will be very comfortable for everyone. We will enjoy wine and cheeses on a yacht, swim and sunbathe and, of course, communicate a lot.

We have planned several large catamarans for this trip. Please note that they are much larger, more convenient and more expensive than the ordinary yachts. We are going to have the VIP catamaran with increased comfort and a chef, the children's catamaran for families with kids, where a professional animator will look after them, and the standard one, an ordinary catamaran at an attractive price. We can also offer additional services like transfer, provisions delivery, kayak / fishing rod rental, etc.

Below on this page, you can find a detailed description of the program and real photos of those unique places we are going to explore. This trip will cover first-class networking with guys from North America and Europe, exploring of Italian history and cuisine, spectacular views of nature and active volcanoes and, of course, having a great time on the yacht!


Photos of the islands

Package of services

What are included:

  1. Networking with IT entrepreneurs and C-Level specialists from the USA, Canada and Europe
  2. Theme parties with great music
  3. Cheese and wine
  4. Experienced licensed captain who has already passed 20+ thousand nautical miles
  5. Additional motorboat
  6. Linens
  7. Our organizer
  8. Photo and video shooting
  9. Yacht cleaning
  10. Animator (for a family yacht)
  11. Large catamaran (for VIP seats)
  12. Chef / Hostess (for VIP seats)

Additional services:

  1. International flight to Italy and back (from NY) - € 700-800
  2. Luxury villa in Palermo (built in 1700, exclusive design, private swimming pool, 8 bedrooms, access to the sea) - € 110 / day
  3. Onboard expenses (products, parking, diesel) - € 150-300 / person
  4. Provisions delivery - € 40 / person
  5. Active rest insurance - € 40 / person
  6. Refundable security deposit (as long as you return the yacht in the same condition as on delivery) - € 500 / person
  7. Transfer to the marina - € 70 / person
  8. BBQ on yacht - € 20 / day
  9. Kayak - € 35 / day
  10. Fishing rod - € 35 / day
  11. SUP-board - € 35 / day
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Our yachts and catamarans


Trip plan

  • Palermo (optional), July 28-30

    We meet in Sicily, in the beautiful Italian city of Palermo, to get to know the island and each other before the start of our yacht tour. We can meet a few days before the start or the same day. For those who want to come earlier, we will arrange accommodation and start our networking.

    Palermo is the capital of Sicily and the largest city of the island which has kept perfect ancient Italian spirit. There are a lot of interesting places: the Porta Nuova Gate, the Palatine Chapel, the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, the Martorana and San Cataldo Churches, Sea Square, the Massimo Theater, the Archeological Museum and the Marionette Museum, the Capuchin Catacombs, the Pretoria Fountain, the Botanical Garden and, of course, a huge number of beaches. The day before the start of yachting, we will have a dinner together at one of the local restaurants and try the best Italian cheeses and wine.

    On the day of the start, our company organizes a transfer to the marina which is located outside the city.

  • Tonnarella, July 30

    We will check in on yachts and purchase products. For the VIP yacht, we'll have a chef who will make a list of products and cook every day of our trip. For the rest of the yachts, our chef will give a recommended list of products and recipes of simple dishes.

    There will also be a separate yacht for families with children. A professional animator will entertain children so that parents can fully enjoy the cruise.

    You can purchase the products yourself or entrust it to us: we can buy and deliver products to the yacht for a small fee.

  • Vulcano, July 31

    Early in the morning, we sail towards the island of Vulcano. This is a tiny island, but with a volcano, as you guessed from its name. Although the volcano erupted half a century ago last time, today you can swim there in the mud baths or in warm seawater, heated by thermal springs.

    We will climb to the top of the mountain, which offers a wonderful view. It will take no more than 40 minutes. Along the road, you can see black volcanic slopes, rare plants and fancy stones, which are also known as Monster Valley stones, as they resemble different animals. By the way, it is not just a volcano, but a whole unique reserve.

  • Salina, July 31

    In the morning, we'll sail to the next island called Salina. It's small, but quite beautiful and authentic, with numerous vineyards. They produce elite Italian wine, which we will definitely try.

    The island is known for two volcanoes, Fossa delle Felci (968 m) and Monte dei Porri (860 m), as well as wildlife. History lovers can visit the Madonna del Terzito church of 1622, as well as Santa Marina town with the ancient acropolis and the ethno-anthropological museum.

  • Lipari, August 1-2

    Lipari is a small island town. There are an old fortress and several cathedrals in the center, surrounded by a fortress wall. There are various cafes and restaurants around.

    This island is famous for its first-class views scattered in different parts of it as well as a very authentic Italian town with small streets. The island is not yet so popular among tourists thanks to which we'll have the opportunity to fully enjoy its spirit. Fans of outdoor activities will be able to rent quads or scooters and travel around the island entirely.

    We'll also try the famous Italian cuisine in various restaurants on the island.

  • Stromboli, August 3

    Stromboli is the most interesting point of our journey. It's an active volcano, one of the most famous in the world! In the evening, we'll climb to the top of volcano, meet the sunset and enjoy the view of lava from the distance. Do not worry, it is absolutely safe! ;) We'll have an experienced guide, and the distance to the crater is quite large and safe. The notion of a "Strombolian type of eruption", a very spectacular eruption, which does not pose a threat to others, appeared because of this volcano.

    It is possible to get to the island only by sea and therefore, it’s not so easy to see this volcano. So you will be among the few who are lucky.

    Despite the fact that volcano is active, Italians live there. About 350 people live on the island. There are restaurants and all the tourist infrastructure.

  • Milazzo, August 4

    The end point of our journey will be the city of Milazzo on the coast of Sicily. A small town with a large antique fortress will not leave you indifferent. We can walk, have dinner and go to the marina, from which we started our tour.

  • Tonnarella, August 5-6

    We will return to the marina and get ready to finish our journey.



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